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=== Anonet internal services by others ===
=== Anonet internal services by others ===
*http://www.sevilnatas.ano/ - Personal homepage including Pastebin, encoding converter, chat
*http://www.sfor.ano/ - Personal homepage including Pastebin, wiki, webchat, forum, git hosting, e-mail hosting and more
*http://www.lynx.ano/ - Personal homepage providing some howto's and information
*http://www.turtleisland.ano/ - Personal homepage containing many books and free-email services
=== Anonet related articles ===
=== Anonet related articles ===

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About Anonet

Anonet is a decentralized IP based darknet. It's implemented as a bunch of (mostly peer to peer) VPN tunnels over the internet, and (usually Linux based) BGP speaking IP (mostly IPv4) routers.

Anonet has claimed the IPv4 subnetwork to provide every participant with sufficient IPv4 addresses to address the entire network with 'publicly' routable IP addresses. There's usually no need for NAT on Anonet, and people tend to use it to connect to their own computers from locations that would otherwise not allow them to do so (think breaking through firewalls).

Anonet's ultimate goal is to replace the internet as we know it, to provide everybody with a free (freedom of speech) and censorship resistant network, without one ever growing centralized government. Whether this will ever happen is unsure, but resistance against control and censorship by our governments is definitely growing.

If you're not in for the freedom, not all hope is lost yet. Anonet is a great place to learn about- and experiment with all kinds of computer networking concepts and technologies. As a participant, you will learn a lot about Virtual Private Networks, BGP, IP routing, Linux, programming and computer networking in general. You can freely deploy your own experimental services, protocols and applications. We're currently using it as a testbed for both QuickTun and VNE.

Getting started

The best way to get started on anonet is probably to join our IRC chat. You can do so from the internet by visiting irc://irc.kwaaknet.org/anonet or http://webchat.kwaaknet.org/?c=anonet. (WARNING! These servers will expose your IP address!) Alternatively, you can hop on straight onto the Client Port, which is simply a public VPN server. Detailed instructions for connecting are listed at http://ix.ucis.nl/clientport.php. Once connected, you can join our chat on irc:// More information about Anonet and client ports is available at http://www.anonet.org/.

AnoNet on Windows

If you want to participate in AnoNet using a Windows system, you have a few options. You can run Linux using virtualization software like VirtualBox or CoLinux. Or you can use the VNE/DNRouter software, which has everything you need in a single binary.

Anonet public services

Anonet internal services

Anonet internal services by others

  • http://www.sfor.ano/ - Personal homepage including Pastebin, wiki, webchat, forum, git hosting, e-mail hosting and more

Anonet related articles