Icom IC-706

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General Information

The 706 series consists of the three models 706, 706MKII and 706MKIIG. There are differences between them, see below.

IC-706 & IC-706MKII

Both models cover 0.03-200 MHz in CW/SSB/AM/NFM/WFM. The only difference is a sometimes built-in DSP unit and a higher output power on 2m.


The 'MKIIG is the latest radio of the 706 series. It comes with a built-in DSP unit and covers a frequency range of 0.03-200 and 400-470 MHz in CW/SSB/AM/NFM/WFM.

CI-V Interface

A very simple alternative to an original $150 CI-V interface can be found at [1].